Glen A Wilson Reunion Class of 1980


Despite or best efforts, we have been unable to obtain e-mail address and/or locate some of our classmates.  OR….they just haven’t registered here yet. We might all take for granted that the person we are still in contact with knows about this and will eventually find us. That may not be the case. So please check out this list.  If you know how to reach any of these people, please pass along their information or ask them to contact us as soon as possible. We can be reached via this website or at

Our goal is to make sure that no one is forgotten or left out of this very special upcoming event.  Please help us make this the most successful and special reunion ever. 

Good places to search for missing classmates are:

  • Contacting parents or siblings that might still live in the area
  • Looking on search sites such as:

Encourage classmates to:


  • Log on to and register with this website so we can keep them informed of all GAWHS 1980 Class Reunion Info.  It's FREE, easy, has no pop-up ads and does not share your information.
  • Keep their information on this site updated.
  • Make a phone call or two to find others and spread the word so as many classmates as possible can have the opportunity to join us.

If a person’s name is on this list, once they have posted their profile on the website their name will be removed from this list.  If their name remains – then they need to be found or reminded to register.

REMEMBER: We may see some of these folks every day on facebook but they aren't registered here. That is the goal - to get them onto this site. Come'on guys... let's make this successful!


Ackling, Toni

Adriano, Marie

Alvardo, Ilene

Alvarez, Bob

Anacleto, Donna

Arizon, Cecilia - found on Facebook~

Avila, Dan

Aviles, Denise


Baker, Valerie

Banks, John - Found

Barnett, Steve - FOUND ON FACEBOOK!

Bayer, Debbie - FOUND!

Bezanson, Patricia

Bibee, Ginger

Blackshear, Brian

Blissenbach, Greg

Bonneau, Jodi

Branam, Barbara


Brown, Lisa

Burnotto, Charles - found on facebook


Contreras, Mary - found on facebook.

Campbell, Scott

Caricchio, Greg - Found

Carlos, Robert

Carreon, Hector

Chae, Joanne

Cheng, Eric

Ciorlieri, Bill

Clark, David

Cowan, Harris

Cummings, David


D’Andrea, Fred

Davies, Wanda

Deal, Darryl

DeGruccio, Dean

Dehmer, Walter

DePaola, Jim

D’Ettore, Dean - found on facebook

Dingman, Denise

Dizon, Cristine


Elliott, Barbara

Embree, Chris


Felix, Raul

Fernandez, Mark

Fesler, Timothy

Finch, Michael

Fisher, Greg

Fotenot, Sherrie - found on facebook

Foresta, Richard

Frazier, Teresa



Gallimore, Connie

Garcia, Ernesto

Garcia, Manuel

Garcia, Michael

Garcia, Patricia

Garcia, Rosauna

Garcia, Theresa

Gerky, Rick

Ghassemi, Zohreh

Gillespie, Jim

Gilmartin, Dave

Gleitz, Markus

Gomez, Isabel

Gomez, Lilia

Gonzalez, Tony

Goodson, Robert

Graziani, Christine

Griffin, Larry

Guiterrez, Judy


Hagen, Paul

Hanson, Karyn

Harmon, Pam

Harris, Kevin

Hedge, Greg

Heinrichs - Palko, Debbie

Hepner, Ron

Blake, Greg

Holt, Ginger

Horie, Pam

Husband, Chris - found on facebook


James, Gail

Jiminez, Phillip

Jimenez, Vince

Johnson, Curtis-Deceased


Kai, Diane

Kaufman, Pat

Kendricks, Colette

Kenford, Lisa

Kim, Ann

Kim, John

Kim, Kevin

Kim, Susan

Kubo, Greg

Kuhns, Darren - found on facebook

Kuo, Grace



Laigarrd, Jennie

Lau, Ronald - found on facebook

LeBoiuthillier, Art

Lee, Alison

Lee, Brian

Linares, Margarita

Lopez, Cindy

Lujan, Mike

Luksch, Casey - found on facebook

Luong, Loan


Magdangal, Ben

Manjarrez, Sylvia

Marin, Mary

Martinez, Albert

Moore, Robert

Moreno, Cynthia-Found

Moreno, Yvonne


Na, David

Nang, Somnhong

Nikolaidis, Elaine

Nishimura, Nancy

Noble, Mike


Ochoa, Umberto

Oh, Soo

Olivares, Lupe

Ong, Anna

O’Meara, Mike


Palm, Ron - found on facebook

Papp, Angie

Parker, John

Patrino, Danny - found on facebook

Peng, Judy 

Persinger, Renee

Phillips, David

Powers, Craig


Ramos, Frank

Randall, Julie

Randolph, Carl - found on facebook

Raussa, Michele

Reid, Shirley

Renswick, Pam

Reyes, Marcel

Rodriguez, Ray-Found


Sage, John

Saldana, Fred

Salgren, Lee

Sanguinet, Donna

Schweitzer, Rhonda

Sebok, John - found on facebook

Senento, Ray

Shih, Jim

Sims, Dave

Skaggs, Lora

Smith, Annette

Stephens, Peg

Stordahl, Paul-Found

--- T ---

Tafoya, Anthony

Tan, Jennifer

Tapia, Juan

Terradot, Kathie

Todd, John-Found

Truelove, Terry-Found

Tucker (Estrada) , Lida - found on facebook


Uhlir, John


Vanderwerf, Brenda

Vasquez, Antoinette-Found

Villalva, Veronica


Weitschat, Ross

Whang, Tom

Williams, Elaine-Found

Wilson, De Vella

Wong, Lalun

Wright, Leslie


Zavalza, Lilia