What were your ambitions back then????


Michele Albo:  I will Walt Martin my green eyes and little Robert the perfect wave; Mike Cusey a tennis match with Chrissy Everet, and lastly someone to buy Bryce his lunch next year. Future Ambitions – Find a Boyfriend.

Ingrid Arriola:  I will Katti Fowler all my luck with the cities not at Wilson, and in getting together with K.R.; my sister, Michelle, all the fun times at Wilson and my luck with the teachers; Nancy G., Linda C. and Annete G. my extra 40 credits, they need it; Lisa Martin my swimming success; to all my friends I leave behind my love and friendship, along with all the memories of good times we’ve shared.  Future Ambitions – Go to College, work and have a family.

James Aragon:  I will all underclassmen my skill, knowledge and ability of “How to cut class and not get caught.” Future Ambitions – To become a Commercial Artist.


Joyce Amicone: I will Sheri Hyde a squirt gun this summer; Kim Daughtenbaugh future pantie parties at Nana’s house; and Mark Nill and Vince Portesi future happiness Together.  I will Walter a credential in love counseling; Miss Kirkly success with next year’s Drill Team; Steve Bogard success at Judy’s clothing store and in football next year.  Lastly I will Christoper great accomplishments next year, and all m y love and happiness. Future Ambitions – Court Reporting.


Bob Alvarez:  I will Mr. ‘D’ a student like me. Future Ambitions – Go to college and drop out.


Steve Barba:  I will my athletic ability to anyone who has the courage to take it, and my football punting shoe to next year’s punter.  Future Ambitions – Pro football player, Decathlon Gold Medalist.


Lisa Barker: I leave WilsonHigh School…. With pleasure.  Future Ambitions – To become and Electrical Engineer.


Scott Baker:  I will all my class cuts that I didn’t get caught for to Mr. French; I will all the good parties to Warden A. Nickles.  Future Ambitions – To become a jeweler.

Ranjit Bedi:  I will my unending modesty, charm and intelligence to the entire student body at WilsonHigh School. Future Ambitions – To be the future District Attorney

Brian Blackshear:  I will that Rock N’ Roll is dead.  Future Ambitions – - Music

Chuck Borden:  I will my hairdo to anyone who wants to look like a slob.  Future Ambitions – Unknown at this time.

Scott “S.G.” Brooks:  I will my imagination and talent in the field of show biz to all the new Century II players.  I also will my favorite pastime of changing out the Little Theater after school to “King Rich Jr.”  Future Ambitions – To become an actor.

Scott Brown:  I will all the great parities I went to, to Mr. Richey!  Future Ambitions – To make money the easy way.

Charles Brunotto – I will to all future Century II Players all the experience, training and talents that I have learned in that club and all the fun that went with it.  Future Ambitions – To become a film director.

Jeannie Buck – I will all my memories and experiences in Drama and out to Holly (Brat) Brown, She will need all the help she can get seeing how she’s jut beginning.  I also leave my “Oh No, rehearsal tomorrow!” to Brian Newkirk.  Future Ambitions – To be rich and famous someday.

Brian Buehler – I will my experience to next year’s green Polo team, some common sense to our fearless goalie “FULL COURT” Salvinski (a true Polock in every sense of the word); and last but not least, my regrets at wounding so many ’80-81’ players in the alumni’s resounding victory over the varsity.  Future Ambitions – To be on a U.S. senior men’s Water Polo Team.

Linda C. Boswell – I will every future Wildcat all the spirit this school has had in the past but doesn’t have now.  Future Ambitions – To become involved in Public Relations for a major company.


Maryann Buennagel – I will my senior stall even though I seldom got to park in it; and to Pam and Lisa, I will my good grades (ha ha) and my devotion to school.  Future Ambitions – To become rich and have everything.


Ron Ceniceros – Will all the luck in the world to Tracy E. for her next three years here at Wilson and I leave all the trouble I’ve had opening my locker to a freshman. Good Luck!  Future Ambitions – To get into the field of real estate.


Bill Ciorlieri – I will this school to all the under classmen.  Future Ambitions – To work and make money.


Roobi Choi: Future Ambitions – To become a nurse and good housewife.


Mary Contreras – I will to my little sister Missy, the ability to do things spontaneously; to do whatever you want when you want and forget what the consequences may be.  May you have the wonderful experiences I have had.  And to Robert Hay, the freedom you lost on Feb 1. and a life with no curfew.  May each new experience (especially the 25th of May) be one you will remember.  Future Ambitions – College, Nursing.


Carrie Ann Cusey – I will my Devo club membership card to Devo Diaz, my diploma to Sherri Brooks, my book on how to be a true Mexican to Sidni Escort, my cardinal and gold toilet paper to Christy Willis. And all the good times I spent here at Wilson  I will to Mike and Susie Cusey.  Future Ambitions – To go to college. 


Mandy Campbell:  I will my many Wilson tape recorders to next year’s head of songleading; and to Lisa Ortega a unit of Resi’s to assure a safe and grand future. Future Ambitions – To become a professional dancer.


Hector Carreon – I will my Malibu to Auto Shop so they can take notes on my highly technological modifications on my 327, 11:1 compression, fully blown engine.  Future Ambitions – To own all “67” Chevelles. 


Jeff Colby – I will my umbrella to Mr. Crowther.  Future Ambitions – Making it through college


Jim Cubillas – I will Rick Villasenor my old track shoes so he can run a good mnile abd 2 mnile time; to Advanced Photo all my fingerprinted prints and fixered prints.  Future Ambitions – To beome a Draftsman and a freelance photographer.


Marc Bryan Drotman:  I will peace on earth and good will towards men, because intangible things are where it’s at, except possibly gold. To the remaining drama students, I leave roacha and small rodent killer.  Future Ambitions – - To replace Burt Reynoldfs


Kenny Dekoning – I will my Fire Hydrant to Teresa Boltz. Future Ambitions – To be an Auto Mechanic.


William Damon - Future Ambitions –To make money.


Fred D’Andrea: I will my male gold fish to Dave Obert so he has something to do in the off season.  Future Ambitions –Professional Bum.


Kim Daughenbaugh – I will to my sister Kellie, Ann Burns, Lorraine Aoys and Cathy Bond a tremendous amount of patience and my psychiatrist to help them cope with a 3rd year of Drill Team; To Mrs. Moore – chains for senior editors who go on frequent vacations; To Mr. Winegar clear skies for 3-day weekends and Easter week; To Mr. Martin – a senior (from the class of 81) who’ll embarrass easily; To Mrs. Holliday a class of mutes’ and to Frank Reynolds what he’s always given me: many fun times and much happness.  Future Ambitions – To get a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences and possibly go to law school.


Bernard DelRosario – I leave all my X.C. medals to S. Ebersole; I leave all my Frisbees to the X.C. team; to K. Souza a case of Near Beer and to P. Weiner my Spanish books.  Future Ambitions – To become an Architectural Draftsman.


Laurie Everett: I will my cleats to Lisa Parks to give her all the speed that she needs. Future Ambitions –  to become a Physical Therapist and survive the Rat Race.


Joe Fadden – I will my great attitude in football to all the new football players and all the parties to Mr. Richey.  Future Ambitions –  To be happy.


Richard Foresta:  I will Mr. Wong my world famous Konica; Jeff S. my blue bomb; Jeff L. my boogie board; to J.M. a “Wall” record; and to Journalism the memory of Stoneman.  Future Ambitions –  to be a sports photographer; or in the movies.


Cathey Gardner:  I will to Craig Hopkins a banana; to Crystal Cisneros Cathey’s countdown; to Marc Drotman, Dave Winn and Stuart Gilder my autograph; to Brian Newkirk a set of parabolas that could cause cardiac arrest in a yak; to Laura Griego my driving talents and a stunt woman’s helmet; to Jeff Leavitt my chemistry labs and facial powder; to Nance Gardner .20cents and my “Big Reds”; to Mrs Hill a life saving bag of popcorn and my dog Rocky; to future Century II players the fantastic drama traditions.  Future Ambitions –  Career in Dramatic Arts.


Jim Gillespie – I will all my yellow and blue slips to Mr. French; thanks for putting up with me Frenchie.  Future Ambitions -  To live somewhere on the CaliforniaCoast.


Dave Gilmartin -  I will all of the rotten lunches the school makes to the incoming Freshman, and to all of the unlucky students who get Mr. Fair, have fun you suckers!  To all the incoming Seniors have fun waiting in line for a parking space. Future Ambitions – To become some type of Draftsman.


Markus Gleitz – I will a huge mug of good German beer to everyone who visits me in Germany, and all my experiences with Wilson High to the coming exchange students.  They want you as a Wildcat, too !  Future Ambitions – To become a journalist.


Jodi Goldberg – I will my fabulous “stat-ing” abilities to the various coaches here; all my wit and humor to anyone who can handle it; and mny locker, which is located on the bottonm level, to anyone who is under 2’ 1” and likes getting kicked in the head. Future Ambitions – To become a Janitor at Robinsons.


Isabel Gomez – I will Mr Cavezza to Cathy Gillette so she can ask himall the questions she wants to in Biology. Future Ambitions – To go to college and become a Pediatrician.


Mark Gomez: - I will Steve Samuri Sandman a big blanket. I also will Fred Soldana ski lessons; David Nill better timing; Andy Medina a free trip to Disneyland; Sheri Hyde an emergency brake; I also will my parents another 18 year old; I will the San Jose 40 girls for the next year; in closing I will Wilson High another Mark Gomez.  Future Ambitions - - to beome the first Black American Gigilo.


Antonio Gonzalez – I will my mace, my position, my fame, my glory, my dispane, my problems, my squirrely freshman to Tom Juarez. Future Ambitions – To become and Engineer.


Cindy Gonzales – I will Nancy Medina all Mexican nicknames; the next head of Rally Squad my bottles of aspirin, my sister, Sherrie, the best of luck her next three years at Wilson, she’ll need it.  Future Ambitions – To become a computer program and get rich.


John Graham – I will my locker that’s been broken for three years, my parking stall and all the books in the four years I’ve been here that I never opened. Future Ambitions – To become a Fireman.


Chris Graziani - Future Ambitions – None


Troy Greenup – I will my locker to a midget freshman, my books to all those poinsie juniors, and a certificate of merit for craziness to all those stupid sophomores (yes you get a piece of paper with your name on it). Everything else I keep; I’m not dying, just goin’ to college. Future Ambitions – To major in Business Administrations at WhittierCollege.


Larry Griffin – I will my spot on the Varsity Water Polo team to anybody who can be good enough to take it.  Future Ambitions – To become an Engineer.


Judy Gutierrez – I will my brother the hope that next year he will start learning how to study what is given to him and not the girls he expects to graduate.


Paul Anthony Hagen – I will my first alto sax chair to Greg Wong; my brush to Eileen Cramer and my little Easter robot; if my siren does not work by the time I sell my car I will it to Kenny Okijima;  I will all my knowledge and very, very high I.Q. to be split between Eileen, Lori and Kenny.  Future Ambitions – To be a Lawyer and Commercial Helicopter Pilot.


Pam Harmon – I will my Journalism class to my brother, David (Photographer); good luck!  I hope you can survive the boredom.  Future Ambitions – To write for a newspaper.


Kevin Harris – I will everything of mine here at Wilson to whoever.  Future Ambitions – Working.


Kari Hathcock – I will Melissa Hiltman a lot of fun and memories.  Remember to enjoy it while you can; also only one piece of toilet paper. Future Ambitions – To live my life in the islands as a Marine Biologist and Photographer.


Greg Hedge – I will my number, locker and all equipment to the next stud who can carry on the traditions and terrorism of number 74.  Future Ambitions – To get rich.


Debbie Heinrichs -  Future Ambitions – College and then a career.


Eric Hoey – I will to all my friends – NOTHING!!! “We’ll get back to you” Future Ambitions – To succeed.


Ken Holthouser - Future Ambitions – To go to school and be an Airline Mechanic


Pam Horie – I will all the fun and problems to next year’s flag captain and all my fun times at Wilson to my sister, Karen. Future Ambitions – Work


Kim Hoy – I will my locker to Therese, I will the bathroom to Candi W. Future Ambitions – Work.


Karen Hunter - Future Ambitions – Hair Styling and Cosmetology.


Chris Husband – I will to Margie Tucker all of my Civic tests I got an F on in Mr. Fair’s class. Future Ambitions – to work.


Randy Isaman – I will to my sister, Karen Isaman, my strong stomach and the best of luck in getting an open campus for going out to lunch, Future Ambitions – to go to M. Sac and become a Paramedic.


Gina Keaveny – I will Mr. Murray all my ‘Missing projects’. (You can take them out of your car trunk now.  If you want them that badly you can have ‘em).  To Mrs. Seeman, all the Shakespear and Erma Bombeck she can handle (another year with Robert Sandello); to Mr Cochran my smile to remember me by plus a million thanks for all  your help; and to my sister Karen – all the best in her remaining years because I love her, (You’re the greatest Karen!!!) Future Ambitions – To become a Lyricist.


Susan Kim – I will Nancy Ann to take my shining paths I’m leaving behind.  Future Ambitions – Go on to college and hopefully graduate school.


NguyenKhanh T - Future Ambitions – To study and work.


Samuel Kuan Siang Koay – I will my locker number to the junior student who will become a senior next year, and I hope he/she will enjoy his/her senior year in disco; wishing all my best to him/her.  Future Ambitions – Architect, Artist.


Greg Kubo – I will to the upcoming senior girls of the Asian club all the rides you’ll have to give that I had to five. Future Ambitions – Graduate from UCLA; become an Optometrist.


Darren Kuhns – I will Greg Fisher, lead Guitar player for Red Haven, who would not play at the carnival and left the rest of the band in the cold, to who ever will take him; also my groovie paints to Rick Kuhns (my brother) so everybody can be afraid to talk to him, too.


Renata Kungys – I will Miss Kirkley anoterh Jamie Tyner on the team since she’s so devoted.  To Kathy Wilson a new woman in her life,.  Future Ambitions – Nobel Prize Winner.


Tina Lagus – I will my little brother (class of 84’) the best of luck at good ol’ Wilson High. Future Ambitions – To attend college.


Ronald Lau – I will Sung Han my little black book and my brains; Judy Yasuda, my leg; Shalamar and C.B. a foot stool to stand on, Susan Kim, a pair of wooden skis and a picture of Susie Chopstick; Gloria Cubilla ten pounds of Cycle 4; Gifford S. my robot and Parliament albumns; Lauri Tanaka, a truckload of Purina Cat Chow; Karen Neblett a pair of knees and bandaids; Mr Mrakich a LADY OF THE NIGHT; and to all the F.O.D.’s a return boat ticket. Future Ambitions – To die.

Anne Linde – I will my swim suit, cap and goggles to my sister who will need them in seven years; to the Girl’s Varsity Swim Team I will the patience to withstand Massey’s inane frame of mind. Future Ambitions – Physical Therapist.


Andy Medina – I will to Kathy Wilson a graduation present like the one she is going to give me; Mark Gomez ad Lee Arsenian a very happy 16th birthday; because she is going to have a great time, right Lee?  Future Ambitions – To be a bum and share the same box with Bob Lopatriello


Toni R. La’Zurs – I will Cathy Nuss three inches of mammary glands since she still wears training bras – a little help will be greatly appreciated I’m sure.  Future Ambitions – Lawyer/US Senator.


Alison Lee - Future Ambitions – To become a respectable teacher.


Shannon Lester – I will my ski club membership to my little brother Kurt, and that’s about it ‘cause I don’t know any other underclassmen.


Stacey Little – I will Nickey Taber my parking spot (find your won car) and Jodi Martinez my flat dressy shoes.  Future Ambitions – Establish a career, then get married and have a large family.


Veronia Loaiza – I will my Volkwagon to Jack Morrison; to my little brother Jimmy, may he find someone else to run his errands. Future Ambitions – to be an important business woman.


Bob Lopatriello – I will the empty keg we got away with having out in Blake’s van for a whole week during lunch to Mr. Richey.  If was the best thing this school had to drink all 5 years I’ve been here.  Future Ambitions – To become a male prostitute.


Mary Marin – I will my crummy unintellectual essays and, most important, my bright eyes to Miss Krupa, alisas Madame Butterfly. Future Ambitions – To become a legal secretary and make plenty of bucks.


Carmen Martinez – I will Greg Reynolds my good memories of those walks home; Tanmi Birch a “baby I’m the best” senior year; Tom Juarez my parking space and Bobby Ghent a thank-you for being there when I needed you and for being a great friend. Future Ambitions – To learn Graphic Arts.


Connie Martinez – I will Chuck Sullivan the drafting brick that I’ll never havce and a big sister to take my place; Janet Ludvik a Coal Miner’s Daughter album so she can learn how to play it while Io sing; in additional a new brother so I can have Doug; Dan, Dave and Scott: three good looking midgets; Kathy Clark my jafra cleansing cream; Shari Hrynuzk dance lessons at Arthur Murray’s; Jeff Schmidt: the best of all three lessons on “How to take on Resonsibility!!” at work, school, journalism or at play.  And last, but not least, I will Mrs. Moore a new electric typewriter so that next year these wills can be done on time. Future Ambitions -  Interior Decorating.


John McCarthy – I will four inches of my height to Brian Buehler; to Kellie Daughenbaugh my “Don’t Care” attitude towards tests and homework, she needs it.  Scott Massey a one-year supply of aspirin for all of the headaches I have given over the years; to everyone on the water polo team all of the food fortune that the game has brought to me.  Future Ambitions -  Go to college and play water polo.


Tracy Meinke – I will Dave Nill a terrific senior year and Eric Jauregui my baseball number and my nervousness of knot knowing if you’re going to play first base or D.H.  Future Ambitions -  Accountant.


Guisela Mercado – I will a four-year supply of papers to all those upcoming freshmen, they’re getting smaller every year.,  To my little brother Gabriel, all my special skill in Soccer so he can make Varsity. Future Ambitions -  Become an Airplane Flight Attendant.


Greg Mifune – I will Susan Kim my car polish; Stacey W., my car repair book; Carolyn C an extra pair of safety belts for her car; Laurie T. my high speed driving book.  Future Ambitions -  Dentistry.


Meg M. – I will to my sister Marie one invisible car and stall and all the love and luck in  your years at Wilson; To Nickey Taber an extra pair of running shoes and a free lunch at Del Taco anytime you need it.  To Beth Myers one box of her own V.S.’s and to the next person who gets my locker, I will one sponge and a can of cleanser to erase all the love messages from Steve Dutra and me. And to Steve Dutra, I will my love, heart and my best wishes that you will find happiness in your life. Future Ambitions -  To become an airline stewardess and later a court reporter.


Martha Monterrosa – I will my locker to some short Freshman coming next semester. Future Ambitions – Business Administrator.


Carolyn Ann Mueller – I will my little sister, Helen, the right side of my brain; I wish Mr. Rieckewald and Mr. Richey all the happiness and enjoyment that they had this year in Senate for next year; Katie Fadden an iron so she wears unwrinkled clothes; Mr. Rieckewald all the omnipresence he needs; and Mr. Holliday a lifetime supply of ham. Future Ambitions – To attend college and later begin a career in Medicine and hopefully marry.


Linda Murill – I( will all my foged notes to Fernando Murillo, and especially the fun and crazy times I had at ditching parties.  Future Ambitions – FashionCollege; Modeling Career.


Steve Myers – I will my great base running skills to mr. Martin; to Don Schlesinger my techniques in net assembly; to science I leace my brain; Mr Dobrenen already knows what’s in it; to Adv Auto I leave my antique 57 Chevy; to those special ladies my deepest sympathy and emotions for I will truly miss you all; to all future graduates remember this, you can always find a way to beat the system; to Marybeth and Roxanne I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope it works out and they get together; to Glen Williams  I will a button for his bottom lip and to some day be able to touch the Sha committee and blow up Iran; and in conclusion I will that there will never be a GREATER class than the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Eighty.  Future Ambitions – To play Pro-Baseball.


Dianne Myslicki – I will thirty cents to Mr. Morris for being so cool every time we went to Winchells.  Future Ambitions – to own a motorcycle.


Debbie Neiheisel – I will a golden Monoply game with no horsemen to Alfredo Villegos (I demand a rematch).  I hope our times in the past are only a shadow of the good times to come. (I want to rock with you cookie).  Future Ambitions – To work and go to school.


Rhea April Nielsen – I will all the Band-aid roller skating parties to Yvonne Rodriquez, my broken ear drums to Tammy Birch, and my bottle to Bob Ghent.  Future Ambitions – To become a Dental Assistant.


Mark Nill -  I will my brother David next year’s Drill Team and those four crazy and fun girls; Jeff Schmidt all the problems of Paw Prints; Mrs. Moore a hoefully very stable Jeff Schmidt; David (my brother), Coach Merrill and the Football Team of 80-81 all the success they can attain; John Doe, next year’s songleaders’ the San Jose four more good times and mnaybe a trip next year; and last and most important, I will David and the class of ’81 all the luck in the world. Future Ambitions – Law, Politics, Writing.


Robert Shawn Moore – I will my locker to my brother, my grades to John and Shelton; to my friends all my troubles, and to everyone else nothing. Future Ambitions – To go into the bicycle business.


Cynthia Moreno – I will all the patience and sleep in the world to the next Drill Team captain; a date at least a week prior to the prom and all the luck to the class of ’81 to make it through your senior year. Future Ambitions – To become an Attorney and own my own dance studio.


Lisa Rae Morgan – I will to “certain” women PE teachers all the time, effort and patience put forth by all the men coaches at this school in hopes that someday they too will learn what it takes to develop a winning program.  I also will Mr. Winegar thanks for salvaging and mending my body with tape, ice and whirlpools.  I will Mr. Crowther someone as organized as I am to straighten out his unorganized classroom! Future Ambitions – To be as successful as possible/ Future Accountant.


Patsy Noriega – I will Annette Fabian all the fun times I had and a really good looking guy cause she deserves it; Nancy Medin the whole senior parking lot since she wanted I so baly this year; Katie Fadden all the partying I did my senior year, PARTY HARDY!!! And Becky Rivas all the wild parites in the Heights.  Future Ambitions – To Party and be Hardy!!!!!!


Cathy Nuss – I will to Miss Bailey my nimble little fingers that she could never have done without to get her typing done; to Nancy Allison the best senior year ever and a great time in Rally Squad; and to Meg Mitchell a pair of green nylons so she’ll never forget her “Kermie”. Future Ambitions – to go to MSAC and take Flight Attendant Classes.


Dave Obert – I will my speedos to Devin(fish) Blizzard, and all my past tests to my sister who is just starting. Future Ambitions – To get through college successfully.


Lisa L. Ortega – I will the Paveloff twins all my nights studying at the clubhouse; Julie Stricland next years “biggest flirt” award and the 1980-81 Songleaders all the perfidious gossip that will arise becaue of what you are. Future Ambitions – To become a professional dancer.


Ron Palm – I will my RD400to whomever can handle it, and I give my car to whomever would be least embarrassed to drive it. Future Ambitions – Work.


Nicholas Lee Parrino Jr. III – I will Laura F. four inches of my hefty chest so she mnay wear a traning bra too! My little brother nmy suaveness so he too mnay be a man of the world; and I leave my most prized possession “my monster” to a certain person,. DREAM ON W.N.  Future Ambitions – None of your business.


Cheryl Pellerin – I will my N.E.T. to Brian Newkirk, though I never really had it.  Future Ambitions – Accounting.


Robert Penn – I will all the graduating Flags good luck; next year’s band president all the stupid questions some freshmen will ask you; my instrument to next year’s 1st chair; and a good successful 80-81 school year to Mr. Adams. Future Ambitions – Attend College.


Jim Ott - Future Ambitions – To get more money than I can handle.


Ruben Ojeda – I will Tracy Neinke a new hat, Mark Nill a neck; Vince Portessi good front teeth and Connie; Mrs. Moore, good luck with Jeff Schmidt and the Paw Prints; next year’s baseball team a new bat so maybe they can hit; Mark Gomez a one-year enrollment in the AAA. Future Ambitions – Be an Architect and a part-time photographer.


Darlene Perea - Future Ambitions – To become and L.A. County Deputy.


Renee Persinger – I will all my old forged notes to Mr. French for his Wilson Scrapbook. Future Ambitions – To be a millionaires.


Michelle Renee Raussa – I will the hours spent in all the Band practices and competitions to Helen, Kandi, Dorothy, Karyn and Lisa, your turn to have the fun – ha ha. Future Ambitions – To go to college and become a Fashion Merchandiser.



 Pam Renswick:  I will the whole senior parking lot to “Hands Off Nancy’s Fiat”… “No Problem”; Heidi J. and Kathy C., you can park in my stall now… the two WILD Women; to Katie F. all the fun I had with George Mrakich and the C’s I got, and all the fun we had at the Sadie Hawkins and football games – party times; to his rendezvous romances, a hill side of snow so he can write his name on it, and two one-gallon bottles of Tyrolia:  Have a Good One; to Danny Pav, a Nice Wild woman for his senior year; to Dean two sticky fingers and a Happy Birthday.  Future Ambitions – Become a famous Artist and be very wealthy.


Frank Reynolds – I will Kim Daughenbaugh a Southern accent and Cowboy hat – you’ll need it in good ‘ol S.L.O.; Mr. Mrakich a chair: “Sit on it George!”


Sandy Rezac – I will a $50 gift certificate at “Fredericks of Hollywood” to Rhonda Olson; my green grass to Dan Paveloff; and my aggressive nights to Dean Saiki and Mike Paveloff. Future Ambitions -  Job with Computers


Frank “Paco Rod” Rodriguez – I will to Hector White my parking stall though I don’t know if he’ll have a car to put in it  To Mrs. Moore, my markers and tape and ink and paper so that you can get a chance to draw all the cartoons that You! Thought of.  Future Ambitions – To be a Disc Jockey in Colorado


Fred Saldena – I will nobody everything that I never had and always wanted but gave away so it would no get lost; more beer busts for the football team; and just more bust for the girls.  I will a case of Curex to Bob Richey and the symptoms it cures.  Future Ambitions – To build a full size CurexEmpireStateBuilding of sugar cubes.


Jack Schwartzmeyer – I will my fire extinguisher to all the hosemonsters of Mr. V’s Auto Survival class. Future Ambitions – To become a mechanic.


Greg Sena – I will all my absence clearances. Future Ambitions – To become a banker.


Triana Silyva – I will my U.S.C. Trojan-wear to the Trojan Club.  Dan, Dean and Mike and my different colored speeds to Mr. Mrackich.  Future Ambitions – Legal Secretary.


Laura Skill – I will Brian Newkirk future soapsuds fight and more playing in the puddles; Andi Riave the ability to control her crazy laughing fits; to Mrs. Hill a classroom full of boys and much thanks her love and trust in me and in all her students.  Future Ambitions – Becoming a Social Worker or Therapist.


Debbie Schmids – I will Kim Ross all those lovable teachers, and wish her the best of luck.  Stick with it ‘cause you only have two years to go.  Future Ambitions - To be a secretary.


Curt Azkahashi – I will my Hostess Chocolate Doughnuts that have been in my hall locker for five months to Mrs. Lefevers.  Future Ambitions – Become an Electrician and go into business with my dad.


John Todd – I will my big mouth and bad taste to Paul Weiner, who needs them; my bolo bag to the Cross Country team;  my pasty white complexion to all the New Guinean political refugees; my Dungeons and Dragons title to anyone who’ll take it.  Future Ambitions – To be a college person.


Deborah Kay Topping – I will all my cheat notes to my little sister Holly.  I will all my friends a happy and beautiful future like I plan to have now that we all go our separate ways out of good ole high school.  Take care Senior Class. Future Ambitions – Get a good job, marry and have a happy family.


Jamie Tyner – I will Kathy Wilson a new man, and Miss Kirkley another Renata Kungys; Drill Team would be dead without one. Future Ambitions – None.


John Uhlir – I will my sister’s saddle shoes to Ralph Milliser so he can have two pairs; all my losing tickets from Santa Anita to Mr. Martin; a Polish-English translation book to Mr. Goralski; a new pair of Pilgrim boots to Mr. Wong; and to coach Foster some hair.  Future Ambitions – Walk backwards from L.A. to New York in a week.


Debby Trinkle – I will to Mr. Vanden Brink my old work clothes in  Advance Auto; also to Mr. Mrakich the line, “I’m not entertaining questions at this time”; to Mr. Tibbs my ski blanket and a great next year of Bible studies.  Future Ambitions – To attend Fullerton J.C. then go to San JoseState to become a Therapist.


Terry Truelove – I will all my party paraphanalia to Ed Alluis; my brush to Dirk Mueller; a book of Philosophy to Helen, Karen and Donna (Good Luck) and a Dime to Jim Leist. Future Ambitions – To out party Cheech and Chong.


Lida Tucker:  I will Peter Y another pair of tight blue jeans; my little siter, Bucko, a foxy Lil’ Abner just as mine was (is); Lena, Sharona, Flintstone, Candi and Bucko all the Tinkle Pink they can handle and all the stash their lungs can hold up to !! And lastly, I will Himalya and Clark noses that will fit their faces! Future Ambitions – To become a piece of Kelp and live up to my Seaweed Face.


Brenda Vanderwerff – I will Rhonda Olson all my test papers from Civics and all my memories of what it’s like to have a boyfriend you love a lot.  Future Ambitions – To get a job.


Antoinette Vasquez – I will my sister all of my teachers and hope she enjoys them as much as I did.  I also will all my 3rd grade essays to Miss Krupa.  Future Ambitions - To find  career and make money.


Dan Vasquez – I will my sister’s Left Handed walk to Mr. Milhiser; to Connie Martinez I leave Doug Ludvik; and to Donna Morgan I leave the song, “Oh Tara”. Future Ambitions – Surf Malibu in a suit and tie.


Dave Vasquez – I will the boat to my little sister Gloria;  I also leave Joe Montejano to Gloria.  Future Ambitions – Go to college take up Photography.


Kathy Vasquez – I will to Sharon Nordberg two inches of my mammary gland so she can at least say she has mosquito bites. Future Ambitions – To become a Registered Nurse.


Ernie Vallejo – I will a radical 150 ft. Post burnout in the school parking lot to Ward Nichols who has so much fun busting people for it.


Sally Vega – I will my ability to stay out of trouble to Delilah Ortega; to concert choir and swing choir a good season next year; to Mr. Deters – my hair; and my headaches to Wilson!! Future Ambitions – Go to college, have fun and get rich.


Christy Willis – I will Robin Dobsen my vice and strength for cheerleading next year. Mr. Reickewald all the rest of my complaints and a peaceful year next year without me around; and Brian Willis my report cards so he won’t get in trouble any more. Future Ambitions – To go to USC and become and Attorney at Law.


Henry W. Wineheart – I will a Keg of Henry to the Sanke, Bushwacker, Caveman (alias Inch and sniffles) and the Samuri Sandman.


Dave Winn – I will my earring to Fernando. Future Ambitions – Drug dealing, blowing up discos.


Leslie Wright – I will all my cleared absences to my brother Rick because he will definitely need them next year. Future Ambitions – To go to college and later get married.


Diane Zubiate- I will Dianne Maningly another year of donuts and milk every day for 1st period; Liz Rodriguez another wild trip to the river, and maybe sundance; and Kathy Wi8lson another partner to “Boogie’ with. Future Ambitions –Live away from smog city and get married.


Mark Nill & Kim Daughenbaugh – I, Mark Nill, will to my younger brother, David, a junior brother….    I, Kim Daughenbaugh, will to my younger sister Kellie, a junior sister . . . Now you two will have someone to inform you of your  “senioritis”, someone to steal the car when you need to use it, and someone who’ll be waiting anxiously for your Graduation Day.  In summary, with a younger brother or sister you’ll know what we went through with you this year. Thanks for the memories.