Our Schools Newspaper
Our Schools Newspaper

June 9, 1980 - The final edition of our newspaper the “Paw Prints” was published and distributed. It contained the articles, "Senior Reflections" and the infamous "Senior Wills".   Here are the reflections……..

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During four years of high school, many crazy, exciting, happy and embarrassing situations arise.  As seniors take a minute to think of their experiences here at Wilson, many of these “memorable moments” come to mind. 




For many the highlight of their school career was a victorious end to a sports event.  Football left an impression on a great many students.  Scott Brown and Ruben Ojeda will always remember the exciting victory over Walnut, while Cindy Gonzales and Jack Schwartzmeyer will never forget the night Wilson beat Los Altos.  Playing Edison in the C.I.F. playoff game was Greg Hedge’s most memorable football game.  And Steve Meyers will never forget the game when he kicked a 37-yard field goal with 1 4seconds left in the game.  For Mark Nill playing football under the best coaches in the valley was exciting but being chosen MVP was the highlight of his varsity football season.  Triana Silva’s most memorable moment was also accredited to football.  She’ll never forget when she was elected to be quarterback on the varsity team.  (I’m, thinking Kim meant to write the powder puff team?)




The water polo team was second among the memorable sports moments.  For Brian Buehler, Larry Griffin, John McCarthy and Dave Obert, the team’s first victory over Los Altos was the highlight of their season.  Larry and Chuck Borden will never forget going to C.I.F. playoffs, but Chuck will especially remember having a party after going to C.I.F. and toilet papering Scott Massey’s house. 




Bernard Del Rosario will never forget receiving his first cross-country medal and teammate Greg Kubo will remember our X-country team going to C.I.F.




Markus Gleitz will take memories of the soccer game against Don Lugo back with him to Germany, wile Dave Vasquez will never forget the guy he wrestled from West Covina who had a Mohawk haircut. 




The varsity basketball season will be special to Greg Sena, while Jeff Colby will remember the team’s two victories over Los Altos




Ruben Ojeda will also remember victories over Los Altos in baseball, beating them 3 out of 3 games and knocking them out of C.I.F. 




For the girl’s sports, Laurie Everett will remember beating Los Altos for the first time in 4 years in softball with me pitching. (Kim must have meant herself)




Mary Marin’s athletic peak was reach by going to C.I.F. in volleyball and taking part in a close and exciting game while Susan Kim will remember the times she spent with the badminton team. 




How could Ann Linde or Debby Trinkle forget the day the girls’ swim team won the 3A C.I.F. title?  Diane Myslicki can’t forget the victory she and fellow juniors had over the seniors in the powder puff game of 79. 




Through sports were dominant in many Senior’s lives, other campus organizations made an impact on other graduates.  When the band won Sweepstakes at the National City May time Band Review, both John Todd and Rhea Nielson experienced their most memorable moment.  Paul Hagen found his most exciting time was the first halftime sweepstakes the band won, while Ken Holthouser felt that merely participating in his first halftime performance was exciting enough in itself.  Robert Penn will remember being elected President of band for years to come.




Debbie Heinrichs will always remember being kidnapped when she made ‘flags’ and Pam Horie describers her most memorable moment as being chosen flag captain.  Cynthia Moreno experienced making captain of the drill team while Darlene Perea’s highlight was becoming editor of the 1980 annual. 




For Cathy Nuss and Lisa Orgega making the 1979-1980 rally squad was a time they’ll never forget while Meg Mitchell will always remember ‘being a stat girl for a winning basketball team.’




The day she became ASB President was Carolyn Mueller’s most exciting experience and Toni La Zurs successful campaign for Commissioner of Sales will stand out in her mind as the years go on.  Christy Willis highlight was “being chosen as Girls’ State Representative.’




For three Seniors, drama played an important role in their lives.  Laura Skill will remember the fantastic closing night of “Tom Jones” and the trip to New York, while Ingrid Arriola will cherish all “4 nights of the play “Tom Jones” and the rehearsals.  Charles Brunotto will look back on the time he had to ad lib during a performance of Klondike Kalamity when something went wrong.  Scott “S.G.” Brooks will not forget performing two drama festivals and two plays before his fellow students.




Special events made special memories for many Seniors. The Prom was a night that will be long remembered by James Aragon, Paul Hagen, Pam Harmon, Eric Hoey, Tracy Meinke and Guisela Mercado.  Martha Monterosa will remember three proms, 2 of which she was escorted by a Senior.  Michele Albo can’t forget watching Joe Fadden running down the hill chasing their car wearing his tux and Debby Trinkle would like to forget the moment her dress fell at the prom.  Cathy Nuss will treasure the memory of being on the Prom Court. 




The most exciting ‘court’ of the year would probably be Homecoming, and Stacey Little will always remember being a ‘Princess.’  For Mandy Campbell being crowned Queen was her most memorable moment. 




Though Graduation is still two days away, many Seniors predicted this conclusive event to be the one that will be most remembered.  Among these Seniors are Lisa Barker, Jim Gillespie, Kevin Harris, Karen Hunter, Ronald Lau and Robert Moore.  Other students were not so concerned with the actual Graduation ceremony, but looked forward to getting out of high school.  Andy Median goes a step further in saying he’s looking forward to ‘never coming back’, except to see K.W., while Isabel Gomez will remember the moment she became a Senior.




For Samual Kuan Siag Koay there were two events standing out in his memory: the Carnival and the Civics Court trip. Antoinette Vasquez agreed with him on one count, she will also remember the Civics Court trip. 




For some Seniors like William Damon, Chris Husband, Randy Isaman, Debbie Neiheisel, Joe Fadden and Debbie Schmids, there were no outstanding moments; or maybe there were but by now they’ve forgotten them. An unfortunate thing happened to Darren Huhns, he could have had a most memorable moment if Greg Fisher hadn’t chickened out an hour before the carnival and jammed to the beach. 




Joyce Amicone will never forget what happened after the La Habra football game and neither will her three friends who sat in a car watching. 




Kenny Dekoning will long remember when we chased L.A. off our campus the night before the big game. 




Scott Harrington will have fond memories of watching Louie Quezada play in the snow like a little kid.




Troy Greenup will remember the show wars in the locker room and surviving while Tina Lagus will remember the apple that struck a student right between the eyes en route from Mike Figueroa’s hand to the trash can. 




Linda Murillo will remember a friends birthday, while Nick Parrino will cherish the memory of running off with Laura behind Ernie and Kathy’s backs.  Frank Reynolds will be framing his “straight A” report card, and Frank “Paco Rod” Rodriquez will still be thinking of Walt Bags party when Claude Weinstein flipped his mom’s car. 




Danny Sifuentes will look back on his first day of school at Wilson as a Freshman and Lida Tucker will remember the first day she walked to school with D.P, 




Terry Trulove will never forget using binoculars to see the chalk board in Mrs. Pacquette’s class (neither will Mrs. Pacquette), while John Uhler and Dan Vasquez will share the memory of walking into Mr. Price’s class wearing bald wigs.




Curt Zakashashi’s most memorable moment was seeing Roree Rowlands wearing one of her striped T-Shirts. 




For some students triumphant schemes that overcame the system made for memorable moments.  Fred D’Andrea will remember cheating on his finals and getting away with it while Veronica Loaiza will never forget the first time she ditched.  Debbie Topping will remember being sent to the office for tardies, forged notes, cutting, etc., most.  Meg Mitchell will remember all the classmates that came and asked her to forge absence notes because she had “writing like a mom”. 




The blazing bush in front of the office still stands out in Hector Carreon’s mind but the memory of being caught drinking at a basketball game will long be discussed between Patsy Noriega, Pam Renswick and Kathy Vasquez. 




In response to the snakateria’s menu, Ernie Vallejo can’t forget throwing up after eating his first bag of school French fries.  Richard Forest was also afflicted by school food, but he managed to “kick the habit” of eating beef and bean burritos. 




Several Seniors made memories with special people.  Renata Kungyz will always remember meeting Jamie Tyner, and Jamie won’t forget the day she met Renata.  Bill Ciorlieri will remember meeting Leslie Wright in drafting, while Leslie will not only remember meeting Bill, but also the day he sat in chocolate milk when he was wearing white pants.  Carrie Cusey’s memorable moment was meeting her boyfriend Rick Zepeda and Frank Reynolds will remember meeting Kim Daughenbaugh (though this reporter can’t understand why).  Brenda Danderwerff will remember her boyfriend’s graduation in ’79 and Dave Gilmartin won’t soon forget the day he gave his girlfriend her promise ring. 




Through humiliating at the time, embarrassing moments are sometimes the memories that stand out most clearly in a person’s mind.  The Class of 1980 has a few klutzes in its midst.  Cathey Gardner fell down the stairs going to lunch in a dress and Shannon Lester tripped down the stairs at a football game.  Guisela Mercado flipped over a bench but Jodi Goldberg had everyone beaten:  while keeping stats for a football game, Jodi was mistakenly tackled by No. 30 and she fell into the mud.  Gina Keavenly made a fool of herself as a Freshman participating in the deceased annual “Almost Anything Goes”. Carmen Martinez will remember hitting the school fence while driving with Janice Meighan and Renee Persinger will long remember the time Chris, Debbie and I got locked in the girls’ restroom by the janitor.  Fred Saldana, along with the entire student body, will never forget his dazzling display of brilliance when he misspelled WILSON (WILOSN) at a rally. 




In four years of high school a person experiences many things: for Nguyen Khank everything was a memorable moment.  Kari Hathcock summed it all up in one sentence:  Every day was a memorable moment in some way. 




As each Senior goes his separate way, he will take with him many memories.  Some will happy, others will be embarrassing or sad; and throughout the years these may change.  Memories are souvenirs of a happy, crazy and confusing time; souvenirs, as time goes by, which may fade but will never be entirely lost.