Glen A Wilson Reunion Class of 1980
You know you are from Hacienda Heights when..

You either went to Mesa Robles elementary or Cedarlane. For high school, either Wilson or Los Altos High School.

You know where and what "Happy Homes" was in the 80's.

You have been inside the buddhist temple at least once.

You remembered when the buddhist temple was being built and wondered "what the hell are they building there"?

You still remember (and proud of the fact) that the movie "Back to the Future" was filmed in the parking lot of Puente Hills Mall.

You know what "Gravity Hill" is up by Turnbull Canyon road.

There were Devil Worshippers who lived up Turnbull Canyon.

Friday night fun was going to a football game and then to Bob's Big boy with a big group of people.

We learned how to drive in donated cars at the Los Altos track and you had to sign up for summer classes.

Market Basket Grocery Store was the only competition to Vons on Hacienda Blvd.

You actually remembered Schabarum Park was called Otterbein Park at one point.

You know exactly where High Tor is.

You tell other people that you grew up or live in Hacienda Heights, and they say "where is that..?"

You only ventured to La Puente because of the taco place "Boca Del Rio".

You are proud and tell people that Fergie from Black eyed Peas grew up in the Heights also.

You know you can get really good and cheap Chinese food in the Heights.

You remembered Showboat, a huge boat structure with arcade/video games inside as well as Malibu Grand Prix.. (the place is now Speedzone).

You splurged money on your date at the restaurant "Velvet Turtle".

Black Angus was also a nightclub that had dancing.

You participated or watched illegal street racing in the industrial streets near Azusa ave.

You remembered Puente Hills Mall as THE mall of all malls in the 70's & 80's and hung out there for hours when you were a teen.

You remembered those two movie theaters outside the mall "AMC 6" and "AMC 4"..

You once camped out or bought concert tickets at Music Plus.

You ventured to old town Whittier to buy your vinyl records at Lovell's.

You remembered "Casa de Candles" inside the mall..supposedly they had a "smoking" room in the back.

You remembered there used to be an IKEA knock-off called STOR.

SKATE COUNTRY was the Bomb!

Bring your date to Vineland Drive-Inn theater.

When finding a Chinese restaurant was difficult in the 80's.

The pride in taking the Wheel didn't mean your turn to drive a car. It meant we crushed Los Altos in the football game in 1979!

The term: The town is lit up, meant having to water your roof in the summer.  Oh those Colima Hills fires!

You went to Mr. Swiss to get a hamburger topped with Swiss cheese, not Chinese food.

15 cent ice cream scoops at Thrifty (Choc Malted Krunch is the best!)

Haircuts from Mr. Manns.

360 Point, Christy Donuts, Hell House on Turnbull.


Water fountain and Carousel in the middle of Puente Hills Mall.

Casa De Tacos!

Public Image Clothing Store

Barro's pizza after football games.

Donnie the "Bike Man".

You remembered BROADWAY and ROBINSONS dept stores at the Puente Hills Mall.

Dances at St. John Vianney church..sometimes the priests would join the dancing!

Early California Days at St. John Vianney Church every August!!

Fantasia Night Club.

Swensens Ice Cream Parlor (toy train going in circles along the inside roof).

If you are Asian, you were glad that DiHo market opened up where it used to be Von's.

You remembered Azusa ended at Colima.

There were no strip clubs back then in the Heights..You had to venture out to Covina to go to "Shangri-La".

Whitwood mall sucked back then and it still sucked now. Puente Hills was the only mall that was worth going to back then.

You knew one person who lived in "Avocado Groves".

All the best house parties seem to be always up Punta Del Este.

Edokko was the first all-you-can-eat Japanse buffet before Todai or Onami.

Crusing Whiiter Blvd was good clean fun and you usually got hooked up in some way with someone.

Dunhill Liquor store was the place we all scored alcohol being under-age.

And lastly.... the cruise over Hacienda Blvd that lead to Whittier which lead to the ultimate... Beach Blvd and our days between piers 11 & 13 (or were you a Pier 7 & 9 kind of person?)  Now Hollister takes all the credit for the Huntington Beach scene. It was ours first!!!!!!!!!!!!


The school was started September 1966 on the campus of the neighboring Rowland High Schoolin Rowland Heights, California, where students attended a split session year until the campus was ready for occupancy in September 1967.

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